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Mishal Bus Rental Dubai has been successfully Providing Passenger Transport with Minivans, Minibuses and Buses in UAE, since 2006. Swift Transport strives to build relationships with our clients providing top services and quality by gaining an understating of all of the client's requirements. We are tailoring our tariffs to be the most competitive in Dubai.

We believe in the future of our company by simply doing our best to provide you with the best possible service. Since 2006 when Swift Transport & Bus Rental Dubai was established, the management and employees have polished procedures and offered outstanding personal commitment and effort to ensure the attitude, professionalism, and service offered to our clients is at the highest level possible.

Swift Transport & Bus Rental Dubai has a fleet of New, Clean, Comfortable and well-equipped fleet of Minivans, Minibuses and Buses with 12, 22, 25, 30, 35 or 50 Seats. Our major asset is our drivers, whom we have meticulously handpicked as the best for the job and then further extensively trained in-house to achieve and maintain our prime objectives. The drivers are in constant contact with the main office allowing us to monitor the efficiency and ensure at every step a stress-free experience while you are using our services.

Why don't you give us a call today, we assure you will provide you with the best Bus Transportation Solutions in UAE for the Best Price and Quality as well.

At Mishal bus rental we understand that pricing is a major factor when you are trying to book the perfect Bus, Minibus or Minivan Rental, so keep in mind some of the following tips which might help you get the most value:


1.     Before calling or sending your inquiry, make sure your itinerary is complete and as detailed as possible so you will not end up paying for additional distance or time spent on the road.

2.     Avoid busy seasons, in Dubai the season might be considered by some between September all the way until May during which temperatures will be between 22 to 36 so you can visit all that UAE has to offer and enjoy the beach at the same time, therefore try to arrange your bus rental as early as possible to ensure availability and also to get the best prices.

3.     You can consider renting the bus in the same location as your pickup and dropoff area to avoid paying any deadhead costs.

4.     Discuss with the Bus rental company or call your hotel ahead of time to find out about any required bus permits or contracts that need to be done before your arrival.

5.     Do your calculation and make sure you rent the right bus for your group to avoid paying for additional seats or features you may not need. There are plenty of options that start from 12 seaters up until 55 seaters, some of the buses will be equipped with premium amenities, bathroom, shower, wifi, tv and many more.


The season is starting, travel is resuming after all this break we had to take and we want to make sure it will be the best experience possible for you and your guests.

Our company’s knowledgeable specialists are here to ensure you’re receiving the best options for your travel. If you’re not sure about the procedure, we are available 24/7 ready to help you any way they can.


Mishal bus rental is the leading expert for any type of Group transportation, in UAE since 2006, they have a new fleet where the oldest bus is 4 years old.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, school excursion, family trip, sporting event, or more, give us a call to see how we can help you with your bus rental!