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Bus Rental Dubai

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We offer the best bus rental rates in the entire UAE. Hurry Up ! benefit from our winter discounted rates for the arrival of 2020. Our general price list is given below.

Daily Rates – Dubai Bus Rental (Inside Dubai)

Daily Rent – Max 10 Hours per day

Type Of BusRates Max Seats /Ideal SeatsLuggage
Hiace 13 Seater AED500 13/125 Bags
Hi-Roof 15 Seater AED500 15/145 Bags
Coaster 23/30 Seats AED700 30/2215 Bags
Rosa 26/ 34 Seats AED750 34/2615 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 Seats AED800 37/3525 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 Seat AED1000 51/5040 Bags

Bus Rental Dubai – (Daily Rent other Emirates)

Dubai to Abu Dhabi / Al Ain/Sharjah/Fujairah  & Back

Stay tuned to our COVID-19 space restrictions ( 50 % capacity allowed)

Daily Rent – Max 10 Hours per day

Type Of BusRateMax Seats /Ideal Seats Luggage
Hiace 13 seats AED600 13/125 Bags
Hi-Roof 14 seats AED600 15/145 Bags
Coaster 23-30 SeatsAED750 30/2215 Bags
Rosa 26-34 SeatsAED750 34/2610 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 SeatsAED900 37/3525 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 SeatsAED1000 51/5040 Bags

Weekly Rent (6 Days) Dubai Bus Rental Rates

Inside Dubai or  Other Cities

Weekly Rent – Max 10 Hours per day

Type Of BusRateMax Seats /Ideal Seats Luggage
Hiace 12 Seater AED3300 13/125 Bags
Hi-Roof 15 seater AED3300 15/145 Bags
Coaster 23-30 seaterAED4500 30/2215 Bags
Rosa 26-34 seaterAED4500 34/2610 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 seaterAED5500 37/3525 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 seatsAED7000 51/5040 Bags

Dubai Airport Transfer

Bus Rental Dubai prices for Dubai airport are different for all the three terminals excluding DWC. The main difference comes from the airport parking fee. Terminals one & three are charging AED 265 per 30 minutes while terminals 2 and DWC are charging less. In this way, arrivals are more expensive than departures. A 50 seater luxury bus costs AED 650 plus parking for arrival while AED 650 for departure. 35 Seater luxury bus costs AED 500 plus parking for arrival while departure costs AED 500 only.

dubai airport transfer
Bus Rental Dubai – Dubai Airport Transfer

Sharjah Airport Transfer

Bus Rental Dubai or Bus Rental in Sharjah have the same procedures of airport transfer but Dubai bus rental rates are quite different from Sharjah bus rental rates. Whether you want Dubai City Tour, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah City Tour, airport transfer is playing a vital role in it. Most of the guests who want a city tour definitely need an airport transfer. We have the following general rates for Sharjah Airport Transfer.

SHARJAH airport transfer
Sharjah Airport Transfer from Dubai

Airport Transfer Rates

Arrivals: Paid Airport Parking Fee ( AED 50/15 Minutes) –

9/10, 12/13/14 Seater Van = AED 200/ Arrival pick up & transfer to the city

20/22/23/25/30 Seater Bus = AED 300/ Arrival pick up & transfer to the city

26/32/33/34  Seater Bus = AED 300/ Arrival pick up & transfer to the city

30/35/37 Luxury Bus = AED 700/ Arrival pick up & transfer to the city

40/44/ 50/51/53 Seater Luxury Bus = AED 900/ Arrival pick up & transfer to the city

Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have almost the same rental pricing system. Based on our own experience we have tried to give you the best average bus rental rates. Below are our best general rates.

Bus Rental Rates Comparison

Bus rental Dubai or Bus rental Sharjah gives you a full package of services and their rates. Dubai bus rental rates vary from time to time and from the requirement to requirement. We have Dubai City Tour or Abu Dhabi Tour we serve you at discounted prices. In fact, Dubai bus rental rates are not under the control of RTA Dubai. These are market prices governed by the sharp competition prevailing in the lightning-fast growth of the country. Rates for bus rental in Dubai are a bit higher than in other emirates. Also, the rental standard is different in Dubai than in any other city. Bus rental Dubai price is not fixed but still, 80% of the rates are common. We have 35-37 seater luxury buses for Dubai Sightseeing tours, Burj Khalifa Tour & Burj Al Arab tour. There are 40-50 seater luxury buses for Global Village Tour & Miracle Garden Tour. 

Van Rental Dubai – Dubai City Tour Rates

Dubai City Tour & Abu Dhabi Tour are normally carried out through special quality luxury buses. Bus rental Dubai publishes their recent rates for Dubai City Tours. Apart from luxury buses we also have VIP Luxury vans and tourists vans of 12, 13 & 14 seats respectively. Generally, a typical luxury bus is either 35 or 50 seats with a separate place for the tour guide and driver. Normally, a 35 seater luxury bus costs AED 650 for half-day and AED 1000 for a full day. 50 Seater luxury bus costs AED 800 for half-day & AED 1200 for a full day.

Van Rental Dubai - Sharjah Airport Transfer
Van rental Dubai – Sharjah Airport Transfer

Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai Rates

Bus rental Dubai is not only described as bus rental services in Dubai but the whole of the UAE states. Dubai bus rental rates and Abu Dhabi tour rates are almost the same. 35 seater luxury bus costs AED 1100 for a full day. A 50 seater luxury bus costs AED 1300 for a full day.

Dubai Tour From Abu Dhabi Rates

Dubai Bus Rental rates have been published on the official website of our company. Buses that are coming from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is not allowed to do city tours of Dubai. This is a very big concern for the transports and guests as well. You have to send a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to be able to pick the people and have a city tour. Bus rental Dubai is also offering a variety of buses. A luxury bus 35 seater costs AED 1200 for a return trip while a 50 seater bus costs AED 1600 per day.

Monthly Rent (Bus With Driver Without Fuel)

  Monthly Rent – Daily Max 10 Hours – 6 Days a week

Type Of BusMax Seats /Ideal Seats RateExtra Hour
Hiace13/12  AED 6000 AED 15
Hi-Roof15/14 AED6,000 AED 15
Coaster30/22 AED8,000 AED 20
Rosa34/26 AED 8000 AED 20
Luxury Bus37/35 AED14,000 AED 50
Luxury Bus51/50 AED 18000 AED 50
60 Seater AC61/60 AED 9000 AED 50
66 Seater AC67/66 AED 9000 AED 50
80 Seater AC84/80 AED 9000 AED 50
84 Seater AC84/83 AED 9000 AED 50

Staff Transport By Buses

Staff transport Service with 12-14 seater Hiace.  22-30 Seater coaster for staff transport. Our Staff transport in luxury buses. In some cases, if you have more than 50 staff and you still want a high-quality bus with a capacity of up to 66 seats, you can choose our big. These buses have the best quality interiors and new buses.