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Private school pickup and drop-off service Dubai | bus rental Dubai

private school pickup and drop-off service Dubai

If you are looking for the best school bus rental in Dubai, contact us today.? Excellent Drive provides Private Drivers for Pickup & Drop Off for Part time and Full time in UAE.

Private driver for pick up and drop off school bus rental service in Dubai.

The personal driver is also your house driver, who will be pretty good at his job. The driver will be trained to drive you safe and keep the clients' trust. Nowadays, parents are more worried about the safety of their children. Remember, you can track your kid's rides at all times to ensure they are safe. Private drivers can be hired for both short and long trips. In case of a pickup and drop school bus rental service, you can book the school bus rental service s of a personal driver every month. But hiring a private driver will not only help you drop off and pick up your loved ones,  but after that, your private driver will have all the time for you. During this time, you can get other jobs, such as doing other household jobs. The driver can be at your school bus rental service for a whole day.

The private drivers are amiable; they have complete knowledge of Dubai. With Safe driver Dubai, you will feel royal when treated with pomp and dedication. Your kids will be in the safe hands of a Safe driver who will commute in the comfort of your car.


Hire a Safe driver in Dubai Most Trusted Driver In UAE, Dubai is known for its celebrations and parties, which are incomplete without alcohol. And if you happen to attend one of these events and get drunk, then do not worry about driving back home, as you will have a safe driver in Dubai to get you back home safely. If you are a partygoer, nothing can stop you from having a great time during or after the party when you have a safe driver school bus rental service to pick you up. But It is unsafe to drive after drinking. Although you don't have to avoid attending parties and getting drunk, you can avoid driving back all by yourself. Instead, it will be the driver's duty to drive you back if you are going to a night for drinking then we suggest you not think of driving yourself. The safe driver Dubai school bus rental service has designated drivers and will be provided to you. The driver will stay sober whilst you enjoy your drinks. After you are done, the safe driver will drive you safely to your home. With the private driver school bus rental service, you will enjoy your party night not only out and not worry about going back under the influence of alcohol.


The safe drivers in Dubai are very experienced and are ready to serve you.


The safe driver Dubai school bus rental service promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by offering designated drivers to you. The top priority of the school bus rental service is to make sure that your trip back home is safe and sound.No matter where you party, be it a club, hotel or could also be yacht, you still have to make it home. If you are not sober enough to drive the car, then the driver Dubai offers you the school bus rental service to make you reach your home safely. Hiring a  driver who will be in his senses and sober enough to ensure you get to your destination safely. The safe drivers are responsible and very professional. Moreover, with the driver school bus rental service, you will have the freedom to drink as much and not worry about how you are getting back home.


Whatever the occasion is, drinking and driving is just not the right thing to do. Excellent Drive caters to Safe drivers for business travel, Airport Transfers, Long/Short period and tours in Dubai. You can book corporate drivers for Business Trips, Conferences, and Business Leisure Trips. Our Airport Transfer school bus rental services include Arrivals, Departures and Hotel Transfers. You can use safe drivers for Long/Short-period such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly Drivers. If you are here in Dubai for a Vacation, we will provide you with a Safe Driver for Day Trips, night trips, Evenings and Eve]


Why Should You Hire a Safe Driver in Dubai? First, you're a hotel; you would bring exceptional value to your guests' experiences. So you can call us and book a driver.

Save time and remove the stress of getting parking and attending/business meetings.

Our driver can drive a safe journey on your own

Protect your health by avoiding public transport during the time of the pandemic

Business meetings feel more professional and less exhausting. finally, the comfort of a world-class driver from Awesome DrivePrivate DriveOur private driver school bus rental service  in Dubai makes your trip hassle-free whether you are on a business tour, Personal tour or corporate school bus rental service

safe driver Dubai

Corporate Driver

If you require a driver for a day, week or monthly Awesome Drive can provide you with professional and experienced chauffeurs.


Designated Driver

Designated Driver

There's no longer a need for your night to end when the alcohol stops flowing. Call The Designated Driver, and we will do the rest. How Awesome Drive keep on Safe Driver School bus rental service  throughout the Cov


We are living in a new era—the man who is a social being is now isolating himself to protect himself from the Covid-19 coronavirus. The covid 19 pandemic has changed our lifestyle and accelerated a system that was already rising, contactless travelling.

Dubai government has already reduced the travelling restrictions due to covid 19, So Customers want to travel with no physical contact and the drivers also. This reduces the risk of infection by limiting contact with customers and other people that meet throughout the travelling process.

Excellent drive Dubai's travelling protocol includes:


One passenger is only supposed to travel in the vehicle unless people are from the same household or the same workspace.

A two-meter social distance rule will be applied whenever it is possible.

The driver and customer are directed to wear safety precautions such as a face shield, mask and gloves.

Our Drivers are Vaccinated.

If the driver knows they have contact with customers with covid 19, they will immediately be sent to self-isolation and withdraw from the school bus rental service.

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