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Fujairah-East Coast tour is one of the best ways to explore the other side of the nation, with its mountainous terrain, historic points of interest, and archeological sites. Fujairah – though the smallest – is perhaps the most scenic as well as unique of all the emirates in the UAE. With the majestic Hajar Mountains that is known for its contrasting colors as its backdrop, Fujairah is highly favored for its unspoiled lush landscape and secluded coastline that stretches for more than 70 kilometers.

The Emirate of Fujairah is named after it, because of its water springs and eyes exploding in its various parts and therefore came its name, and to get to know more about the most famous tourist attractions in Fujairah, let us on a quick tour through which we get to know a detailed list of the most important sights and famous areas in Fujairah.

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Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Fujairah filled with a large number of attractions, Sheikh Zayed Mosque is at the forefront of these landmarks as an Islamic art masterpiece and an important façade of Fujairah, the mosque is the second largest mosque in the UAE and is at the forefront of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Today, Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of fujairah is most prominent tourist attractions and a symbol of the city so dont miss out on his visit.

Fujairah Historic Fort

Fujairah Fort was created with the aim of protecting, defending, and repelling external attacks, to be an important fortress of defense and surveillance forts, and this is demonstrated by the towers at the top of the castle, three round towers and a square-shaped tower, the largest of which is the first two floors, an entrance, a room, and a hall, and then a ladder to climb to the second floor; It is a large seating room with balconies that gives you a magnificent view of the hill outside, bringing this historic castle to Fujairah is most prominent attraction.

Fujairah Museum

Visiting the Fujairah Museum is a fun thing during the tours of Fujairah, especially for those interested in ancient and rare historical possessions, and the museum opened in 1991 to receive visitors and comes among the most prominent tourist places in Fujairah, after being a room of the Library of Khalid bin Alwaleed, and the museum includes three visitor halls each specialized in displaying historical collections.

This museum is known for its excellent collection of artifacts dating back to the early Bronze Age that were excavated during digs at Bithnah and Qidfa. One of its standout exhibits is a 2,200-year old bowl made from an ostrich egg. Participants also have the opportunity to do some shopping at the fruit and vegetable market and carpet market, where they can pick up fresh food and souvenirs to take home.

Al-Bithnah Fort

Dating back to 1753 AD, Known as Al Bithnah Fort relative to its location in the village of Al Bithnah, 13 km west of Fujairah, the Fort was built with the aim of protecting, defending, and repelling possible attacks from enemies, a huge building overlooking many agricultural oases. Now, Al Bithnah Fort is one of the UAE oldest landmarks and one of Fujairah most prominent attractions for those interested in ancient historical monuments.

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